Sweet Tempest

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A fetching robber, an unscrupulous rogue, and a daring risk to die for 

A crafty scheme that doesn’t exactly go as planned….

A thief of hearts

A female of Tempest Swift’s brains and beauty should be fending off suitors, not hiding in the shadows, boldly robbing coaches. But lean times leave her with a family to provide for, until she’s shot from her horse while making her escape. Waking as the pampered prisoner of a sinfully handsome gentleman has her pulse pounding for all the wrong reasons. His suggestion she be his mistress is shocking enough, but he has more on his clever mind…. 

A desperate noble

Cut from a longed-for inheritance due to hell-bent living, a foiled robbery provides Connor Amberson with an daring solution, passing off a ragamuffin thief as his long-lost cousin to win back his grandfather’s favor. But producing the supposed sole survivor of a tragic accident stirs dangerous troubles, both from those hungry to inherit and within Connor’s jaded heart, as his true reward becomes something he never expected….until about to lose it.

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1 review for Sweet Tempest

  1. Joy Buffington

    A very enjoyable story full of miscommunication, no communication, and a bit of an adventure. I really enjoyed the ups and downs of the story. The narration is very good makes the story come totally lovely.

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