Swallowed by the Sea: Three novels


Swallowed by the Sea: Three Novels is an anthology of the first three novels in this popular series.

Mr. Stern’s Island: The daughters of billionaire Charles Pennington and their tutor are rescued from a stricken yacht in a violent storm, only to find they have been abducted by their father’s vengeful enemy, Robert Stern. Inside his secret island hideaway, to trains the girls as sex slaves, as plot of his plan for revenge.

Reunion: The Pennington girls’ beautiful stepmother is caught in Stern’s web, and she too is cruelly trained in her former lover’s secret island hideaway to become another obedient sex toy. 

Hostile Takeover: Stern abducts fellow billionaire Sidney Collins’ wife and daughters at the latter’s request, after Collins discovers that the three women had been plotting to murder him for his fortune. Elinor, Juliette, and Gloria Collins are no more able to withstand Stern than the Penningtons, and are reduced to complete submission in their captor’s dungeons.


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