Surviving The Game


The cold steel of the blade burned her skin, and sweat beaded on her forehead. Cold, piercing eyes stared down at her from underneath the rim of the black cap. One wrong move from either of them, and blood would spill.

Zara Rose was the luckiest girl in the world! Landing the job working for Valcoast United Football Club was a dream come true. Growing up, the family never missed a match, and now she could see the team every day.
She was happy…
Jake Maddox had it all: star striker for Valcoast United, any girl he wanted, plenty of money, and natural good looks. He had pushed himself hard his entire life with a goal of making it in professional football, and now he was living his dream.
He was not happy…
The entire city is counting on their team to stay in the premier league, and the stakes were high… high enough to kill. As the last game of the season kicked off, win or lose, someone wouldn’t survive the game!

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