Surviving Revision: How One Writer Finished What She Started

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So, you finished the first draft of your novel. Yay! Now what?

Surviving Revision: How One Writer Finished What She Started is a humorous first-hand account of a first-time novelist grappling with how to turn her disheveled vomit draft into a novel someone besides her mother might want to read.

Unruly characters, infuriating log lines, wayward settings and haphazard props provide stumbling blocks and “ah-ha” moments like:


  • A character’s first impression is a promise you make to your reader.
  • Just because you call something a scene doesn’t make it a scene.
  • It’s an author’s job to save her story, not her characters.
  • Your main character is not the protagonist in every scene, but….
  • Every scene needs a protagonist (and an antagonist!).
  • Wallpaper should be hung after the tub is ripped out and replaced. 

Accidental discoveries, astonishing surprises, and amazing improvements lurk between these sections, and by the end of the audiobook, you will be convinced that you, too, can revise your own work into something you can be proud of!

Surviving Revision provides a peek behind the curtain as one writer tackles revision head on so that she can finish what she started.

Need a kick in the pants to get your revision efforts off the ground? Purchase Surviving Revision: How One Writer Finished What She Started and get inspired today!

1 review for Surviving Revision: How One Writer Finished What She Started

  1. Lynn Carnefix

    If you have a text you’ve written, learn how to revise it
    K. Kris Loomis offers the process she followed as described in Holly Lyle’s course, “How to revise your novel.” She presents the process step by step and analyzes how it went and what she takes away from each step and how it impacted her “vomit draft.”
    This is an excellent book, I took notes because I have two “vomit drafts” that I’d like to revise and finish, even though I’d almost given up on that. Loomis’s explanations gave me hope that I could “Survive Revision” yet I’ll have to commit to the long, arduous process.
    The title attracted me because I am an editor and wanted a template to help my clients revise their manuscripts. This book will clearly do that. I’ve already recommended it to a current client.
    In addition, Loomis in her review of Lyle’s book also made me want to listen to that if it’s available as an audiobook and, likely, get a hard copy to have on hand to reference for clients and to get a look at her intricate note-taking system.
    I highly recommend this book in which Jodi Gaylord ‘s able and easy-to-listen-to narration aides listener’s understanding.

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