Surviving Life Challenges


Never in our lifetime have we faced such extreme challenges globally as we face now. The pandemic caught us all by surprise and threw us into a catalogue of disasters. The question on many people’s minds is now how do we find a pathway out of this chaos? 

Back in the financial crash that started in 2008, I faced many of the same challenges that people are facing now in 2021 when my life collapsed around me. I learnt hugely valuable lessons on how to survive when the world is continually kicking you in the teeth again and again. These two books are an accumulation of that knowledge, written in a half biographical, half self-help format that detail how I re-built my life successfully. 

These books are a very gritty no holds barred piece of writing with some lighter moments that will guide anyone willing to give them a try. Packed full of various difficult scenarios I faced, they cover everything from financial difficulties and severe depression, to toxic relationships, homelessness, and loss of a business. 

Sometimes, though, it is not just us that need help but our children too. Millions of children around the world have had their lives destroyed by lockdowns. They are terrified for the safety of their friends and relatives. Traumatised watching the mounting death toll and unable to see their friends. It is only to be expected that some will struggle and become involved in less than desirable activities.

So what do you do when your child refuses to eat, self-harms, or becomes deeply depressed? How do you protect your child from bullies, gangs, or grooming from predators? What happens when they run away from home, get addicted to drugs, alcohol, or engage in criminal activities? What do you do when your child seems so set on pressing the self-destruct button, and nothing you say has any effect? 

My second book is written as a parent for parents struggling with those difficult situations now. It covers not only some useful tools to use in guiding your child, but also gives you the parent some help in coping with an often terrifying and deeply upsetting scenario when help is in short supply. 

If you have had enough of life’s knocks and want to start to rebuild your life or the life of your children, then this is the book for you. You can and you will make a difference.


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