Survival Can Be Deadly

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In Survival Can Be Deadly, single mom and recent widow Cameron Chandler takes a much-needed job at Penny-wise investigations, a discount detective agency located in a suburban shopping mall: Vigilance You Can Afford. Her first case is to find a runaway girl. The trail leads to a survivalist camp on a remote island in the Puget Sound. Armed with only a Swiss Army Knife and some quirky on-the-job training, Cameron soon finds herself in a fight for her own survival.

1 review for Survival Can Be Deadly

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book. This is the first book by this author that I have read or listened to but I will definitely be looking out for the next book in the series, I enjoyed it that much that I was checking if there was a book two before I had finished the first. I liked the whole idea of having a private investigation agency in the shopping mall and using the shops around them to help solve there cases and the cast of characters that made up the agency were so much fun and a real treat, not sure Cameron would have gotten the job just for turning up but glad she did. The mystery was interesting and I think it is the first cozy mystery I have listened to on the subject of survivalist, so that was interesting too. So hats off to the author for coming up with something original and weaving it into a entertaining and sometimes humorous adventure.
    Cameron is a newly widowed mother of two and is under pressure from her mother to get back out in the world and make something of herself but not to forget to be there for her children’s even needs. Which is way she steps through the door when she spots a help wanted sign in a detective agency’s window, she can make her own hours, it’s different everyday and In no way dangerous just running background checks. She gets the job and begins her training from the wide and diverse detectives in the agency, from finger print takings to questioning cheating spouse’s. Soon she is ready for her first case. The reason the job was available was because one of the detectives in the agency had disappeared and Cameron is given one of his unsolved cases. To track down a missing teenager, she was in trouble with the law for stealing from her job. Could she just be a runaway or has something happened to her? The clues lead to a survivalist camp on an island and joined by a fellow detective they go under cover to find out if the trail of the missing girl has gone cold and with fingers crossed they might even pick up a clue on what happened to there colleague. The survivalist teach how to live of the land and things like technology (and even proper food) is a dirty work to them so Cameron will have to go back to basics to solve this mystery. Can she reunite a grandmother with her granddaughter?
    I liked the narrator as she used her voice well to express the story and bring the characters to life.

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