Sunday Night Fears


What this accountant just uncovered could cost him his life….

Sam Halloran is anxious to prove himself at his new firm. But when his audit on a major client reveals massive fraud, he’s left with a terrible choice. He can either keep quiet and preserve his livelihood or disclose his findings and put his wife and children’s future in jeopardy….

As Sam struggles with the decision and confronts the pain of his past, the company’s smart, sexy accounting manager becomes both ally and temptation. With each piece of evidence painting a bigger target on his back, Sam wonders if she would rather help him uncover the truth or lead him straight into a deadly trap. That’s when the walls start to close in….

Will Sam expose the fraud before a powerful corporation has him erased from the ledger?

Sunday Night Fears is the first audiobook in the pulse-pounding Forensic Accounting Investigator Sam Halloran thriller series. If you like edge-of-your-seat pacing, conflicted heroes, and stunning twists, then you’ll love Tom Golden’s psychological thriller.

Buy Sunday Night Fears to balance the books of justice today!


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