Summer’s Rebellion

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Charlie knows how to be a princess. Now she must learn to be a queen. 

She sacrificed her heart in exchange for the fragile peace of her kingdom, but in the wake of their beloved king’s assassination, peace is hard to come by. Threats and conspiracies emerge with every turn, and all the while her wedding looms closer. 

Between funerals and hangings, coronations and balls, Charlie must find the strength to prove to her people – and to herself – that she can be the queen they need, even though it requires breaking her heart in two.

Her allies are few and unexpected, and enemies await in the most familiar of places. Will Charlie live long enough to see her wedding day? Or will the perils of her choices finally catch up to her?

2 reviews for Summer’s Rebellion

  1. Jerry Harkey

    This 3rd book finally brings together several plot lines, more mature characters, and draws some lines in the sand for the battle to come in book 4. Although the antagonists have not been hard to spot during these early books, we now know fully the evil and their strengths. Much peril awaits our “good” friends but Charlie is ready to be a real Queen.

  2. Sarah Mueller

    I really love the development that our characters go through in book 3. They are far from one-sided. I really appreciated the moments of sweetness and levity interspersed with the wickedness that runs rampant. A great balance of showing life continuing even in chaos.

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