Summer Winter Salvage

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The current planet the LES Corporation is excavating holds much value but it’s also one of the most dangerous. Nicknamed Summer Winter, its temperatures can drop a hundred degrees within hours and its storms are deadly. As management considers abandoning Summer Winter from off planet, one of the remaining crews is tasked to repair an inoperable vehicle.

While on site, a member of the crew mysteriously turns homicidal, and after a storm hits, the survivors find themselves isolated at a warehouse without any communication and far from base. A desperate plan is set in motion, and not just because their oxygen will run out soon. They uncover something that makes them realize a deadly storm is the least of their problems.

1 review for Summer Winter Salvage

  1. Norma Miles

    Humans and nature worked together.
    Short but well crafted, Summer Winter Salvage takes the reader to another planet somewhere in the vastness of space, to join a mining crew dispatched by management to finish a job left abandoned by a previous team. The tensions within this long together working group are increasingly tangible as is the darkness of the conditions within which they work.

    Narration by Chip McCullough was good, read with controlled emotion which further enhanced the story. Bleak and uncomfortable, this is still a little S.F gem which I downloaded for free from Audible Unlimited. My thanks to the rights holder

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