Suffer Less A Dark Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance

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For some, suffering less is as close to being happy as they’ll ever get. Alessa Dean is a girl who’s used to suffering. She was someone’s daughter, sister, niece.

She was whole…once.

Now, she’s got nothing left to lose and a choice to make that could change her life forever. A choice given to her by three men who belong to the Wayward Kraken motorcycle club. Three men who give her a way out and a chance to start over.

Will she take that chance and possibly find the ability to not only love someone else once again, but to love herself?

And maybe, just maybe, suffer less…if only a little.

This is a dark contemporary reverse harem romance with moments that will make cringe, laugh, and sometimes cry.

Trigger warning: This books contains themes some may find sensitive including: Overdose, violence, and attempt of rape.

1 review for Suffer Less A Dark Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance

  1. Jennifer Houle

    Alessa Dean’s life is changed forever the night she meets the three bikers while working as a waitress, though it’s more a matter of all the wrong things in life converging just as it’s offering up an escape route. No part of her personal story is light, and yet she manages to pull herself through it beautifully. At no point in the book does it feel like any one character is less important than the other, something not always easy to do in harem stories. Everly gave each of them distinctly different styles and yet in ways that each of them complimented each other. You could see why they were friends, and also how they could all fall for the same woman without ever begrudging one another.

    I’ve gotten really used to books having more than one narrator if the characters all take turns as the narrators. I was incredibly impressed with Schwairy as a narrator. I realized early on that while there was not an obvious change in her voice, there was a subtle on there as she did the male characters versus the female character. I thought maybe I was just imaging it, but I made my husband listen at a couple different spots and even he thought it was a different person, despite it being a subtle shift. I will definitely be looking for more things that she narrates.

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