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I won’t let my mate slip away again.

I will have to use all my intelligence training to solve the murder of my father and clear my brother’s name. My brother hired Kennedy Greyson, lawyer extraordinaire and my bonded spirit, to defend the family.

We have a past neither wants to admit to, much less try to fix. I move in a shadowy world that frightens and repulses her. But she knows the core of the man she’s fallen in love with is honorable and worthy.

As a human, she is unaware of the existence of shifters. She must work her way through the mire of small-town jurisprudence and her own feelings to solve not only the whodunit of Cyrus’s murder but the secrets that lie at the heart of Looking Glass Falls deceptions.

Strong is a steamy fast-paced second chance paranormal romance and the final book in the Ghost Cat Canyon series with a HEA and the final resolution to the question: Who Killed Cyrus?

Buy Strong today to enter an action packed world where the shifters are not the only ones keeping secrets.

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  1. Vicki

    This was a great conclusion to the “who killed Cyrus” story. Cyrus was an absolutely horrible person and any number of people could have killed him. I figured it out in the second half of the book. Kennedy is the type of lawyer anyone in trouble would want to have represent them. It was nice to have all of the brothers together in this book. Delta James is an awesome storyteller and I look forward to listening to any and everything she writes. It would also be nice to catch up with the brothers and their mates. Xander Marceaux did a great job with the narration.

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