Stranger On The Beach

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He was a mystery, he still is a mystery in many ways…but now he’s my mystery and I have a lifetime to solve him… 

The first time I saw him he was just a dim figure in the distance. He was walking on the white sand. A tall stranger strolling thoughtfully along the blue waters edge. He seemed in no hurry as lake breeze stroked his lean body and the gentle surf washed in and out on the beech tickling his naked toes. The sun was behind him and he was a dark intriguing shape, the man caught my gaze like a momentary mirage.

I looked down to work on my drawing, where I was perched on a shady rock up on a dune, where the shore and forest meet. Stretched out in panorama before me; bright hot sun, blue sky and white clouds – meeting up with blue lake and white sand. Behind me nestled the cool greens of leafy shade trees and mossy paths and shadowed trails away through the parkland.

I had been distracted from the stranger making quick dark marks for him then sketching details of driftwood on the shore, when looked up moments later he had already passed, so I only saw him from the back walking away.

Even at a distance of a dozen yards, seen only from moving off down the shoreline, the slinky magnetism of his slow sexy walk drew my eyes along. Following his nearly naked body, the loose fabric of his swimming trunks tantalizing as they clung and shifted over his curvaceous ass and strong thighs.

I had missed seeing his face, but glimpsed the edges of his strong jaw line. It was more than enough to set me day dreaming.

The mysterious stranger seemed to be daydreaming too as he wandered casually along staring out to the distant horizon.



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