Strange Magic

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It was like he had stepped straight out of my dream. He was even wearing the same clothes. I stood rooted to the spot as he walked right past me without even glancing my way.

Susannah has a prophetic dream about a guy she has never met. She later sees him at school and learns that he is a new student. He awakens a power in her that she never knew she possessed.

1 review for Strange Magic

  1. Shan MC

    The narrator did a great job; totally recommend listening. She fits the characters nicely.

    A sweet story with some cool sort of mystical stuff; I actually would’ve loved for more of the whole mystical scenario. The story focuses more on the build up of the romance. Loved the whole dreaming of someone before meeting them, so I was all on board for that, but this one is a slow burn type thing. Susannah and Duncan get off on a bad foot when Duncan thinks Susannah has ill intentions and they date other people, but there’s a connection there. Susannah and Duncan can commute in each other’s heads, but with the animosity between them, they aren’t happy about it. I would’ve liked more time with Susannah and Duncan actually together, but the story was entertaining the whole time. The connection between the two is wonderful and they are both adorable. I would’ve liked a bit more in the end, but overall, an interesting read!

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