Stolen Angel

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Sergei Damov is in love with someone who isn’t interested in him, but he’s determined to change that.

Sergei has pined for months, waiting for his assistant to turn around and see he’s the perfect man for her. But Ada only sees him as her boss. Until one night when they both have to work late and the office is deserted….

It doesn’t happen right away, but soon Sergei has Ada right where he wants her – in his bed. Then demons from his past resurface, and he brutally pushes her away before the darkness inside him can consume them both.

But Ada isn’t about to let herself be used. Soon she turns the tables on him and disappears, leaving a mystery in her wake. Why was Ada working under an assumed name? Not just with him, but at every job she ever held?

Using every resource at his disposal, Sergei desperately searches for her, before the danger she’s running from catches up with her…and to try and heal the heart he shattered.

3 reviews for Stolen Angel

  1. Shan MC

    Good narration and performance by the narrator. She fit the main female character, Ada, well, and gave a clear performance. Enjoyable performance.

    Loved the suspense going on with someone after Ada; it’s great that the suspense carried on throughout the whole book and it wasn’t just a quick fix. Ada went through the ringer!

    Ada is one of Sergei’s assistants; he has a major crush on her, but Ada isn’t aware. She thinks she’s not his type; which isn’t a dumb thought with Sergei dating vapid, materialistic women, so she’s not thinking of him that way. Sergei is tired of holding back, so he sets out to seduce her. Things do get steamy, but things don’t end a good way. Sergei runs scared and acts like a jerk; which causes Ada to run as well, without letting anyone know. He realizes what a moron he was, but Ada is already gone. When he tries to find her, it’s found out that Ada isn’t her real name. So, mystery time!

    I wish there was a bit more flirtation between them before they got together and how they got together felt a bit sketchy, but the passion between these two was great. Sergei can be a big baby sometimes, but he’s pretty much a sweetheart with Ada. Love how much he cares for her. Ada has a good heart too.

    Ada is a smart lady, so I wish the author would’ve had her using her skills more to help herself. I do love a protective male, but I also like to see the woman use her brains to take action. She does somewhat, but she didn’t quite think things through at times. Still liked her though and she does show strength. Also, loved that characters from past books come to help out Sergei; it was great hearing more about their lives. Excited to read about Gio finding his love next!

    Loved that there’s some action with the suspense! Ada’s backstory was super interesting too!

    A fully entertaining story!

  2. S G

    The storyline follows several guy friends who are definitely alpha males. Their friendship works, and while committed bachelors, slowly they end up their hea. Once again the story was fast paced and easy to listen to.

  3. Tera Comer

    While this is a standalone book if you haven’t read the others or are jumping around in the series you should be okay. She has been running for her life from her step brother after the death of her dad and his mother, and in doing so she changes her appearance, identity and, jobs frequently as she could never afford to be captured. Good narration and performance by the narrator. She fit the main female character, Ada, well, and gave a clear performance. Enjoyable performance.

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