State of Betrayal

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Virgil Jones is in for the fight of his life. In recovery after being kidnapped and nearly tortured to death on his previous case, he is addicted to prescription pain killers, his life is spinning out of control and the governor has just fired him from his position as lead detective of the Indiana State Police Major Crimes Unit.

Twenty years ago James Pope was shot to death in front of his twin children, Nicholas and Nichole, by a rookie cop named Virgil Jones. Now, as young adults, the Pope twins are looking for revenge against the man they hold responsible for the death of their father.

Except 20 years is a long time and Detective Virgil Jones has a few other problems; the shooting of James Pope a distant memory.

The Governor’s Chief of Staff wants to privatize the Indiana prison system and plans to fund the construction costs by tapping into the state’s unclaimed lottery winnings. There’s only one problem…the construction contract has been awarded to the father of the man responsible for Virgil’s kidnapping and torture.

And don’t forget the Pope twins. They want a little something else besides revenge. The state’s lottery has hit an all-time high and with only days to go before the deadline, no one has claimed the money. The twins have a plan to walk away with the winnings and take down the people who destroyed their childhood all at the same time. But when Nicholas Pope goes missing and his apartment is found covered in blood, Nichole turns to the only person she can think of to help her: Virgil Jones.

1 review for State of Betrayal

  1. Jodene Chase

    Great Series
    This is a book that I will listen to more than once. It also made me get the next few books in the series.

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