Star Shift


The Unseelie have found a secret portal into Charming, Alaska. Only Chia can save her beloved town – if she can claim her powers as the Red Cailleach.

From the author of the number one wished for horror anthology, The Charming Shifter Mysteries Books 1 – 3, New York Times best-selling author Calinda B takes you on an epic journey into one woman’s struggle to claim what’s rightfully hers and save her town from doom.

Chia’s life is a mess of unresolved tension with her ex and exploring a new life with her chosen mate – all while keeping their relationship a secret. She endures continued trouble with the townsfolk who don’t trust her and suffers complete insecurity about her future as the supposed Red Cailleach. Somehow, she’s got to find a way to train with her grandmother and grandfather, who live somewhere in the stars, and own her superpowers.

When shifters are found slaughtered, and the townsfolk blame her for her inability to keep Charming safe, she falls into a dark pit of despair. Somehow, she’s got to convince everyone to help save the town. That’s a tall order for an untrained superhero…especially when time is running out.

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