Stakes Have Sword Envy

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They say if one door shuts, another opens. No. Slam it closed, lock them both, and don’t touch anything.

The door to the graveyard’s mausoleum won’t shut. It’s standing wide open in invitation to Paul, the dark unknown who wants Belle, vampire slayer and…uh, layer, dead. Because someone – or something – is helping him.

Well, f–k. After a race against time to find out who, Belle and her three hot vampires must make an impossible choice – let Paul get what he’s after inside the mausoleum or rush straight into a trap to find a way to kill him.

2 reviews for Stakes Have Sword Envy

  1. Mia Harper

    An action packed third instalment of the Slayer’s Reverse Harem series. Belle continues to kick-a$$ and take names, and grows into her role of heroine. The drama increases as threat grows, and answers dangled just out of reach along with more questions! This series has grown more addictive with each book, with a good dose of humour, I have the next book ready and can’t wait to get started!

  2. LeeAnne

    I just can’t stop. The stories get better and better and I get more sucked in with each one. Such twists and turns.

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