Spaceship Thrive

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Pirates, slavers, and deviants!

Captain Sass Collier steers her motley crew across the treacherous planetary rings, seeking solutions to the steady health decline of Mahina Colony. Tantalizing clues point to Sagamore, Mahina’s sister moon.

To get there, Sass needs to upgrade her vintage skyship to a spaceship. Her crew’s would-be heroes need to earn their space legs. And ex-cop Sass is probably the wrong person for the job.

But no one else is willing to try.

Only the deranged denizens of the rings can help them reach Sagamore. The natives are more dangerous than the asteroids.

But if Sass doesn’t figure out why the moon’s settlers are failing, Mahina Colony is doomed.

Sass won’t let that happen.

If you love exciting space adventures with an ensemble cast of well-meaning misfits, you’ll love Book 2 in Ginger Booth’s Thrive Space Colony Adventures series. For fans of Firefly and Nathan Lowell’s Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series.

1 review for Spaceship Thrive

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Stronger than the first book in most ways, even if it did drag a little in the middle. Sass and crew come together over some harrowing situations including Space Pirates, asteroid fields and ever-present dangers of Space. All the characters do a lot of growing up, even Sass herself. I got my copy from AudioBooks Unleashed!

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