Songs of the Dead

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Songs of the Dead is a collection of 19 short stories with varying themes, ranging from creepy to the supernatural.

In “The Dinner Guests,” a man finds himself experiencing an unusual hunger.

In “She Had a Good Heart,” a young heart transplant survivor meets her donor’s family for the first time. What could go wrong?

In “Dobie’s Last Ride,” a man finds himself at odds with a seemingly harmless black Lab, who turns out to be a bit less harmless as he first thought.

This book contains graphic violence and is not suitable for listeners under the age of 18.

“Andy Rausch’s tough, hard-hitting prose is married to thought-provoking concepts that make you question your own opinions, your own moral stance, and your own preconceptions of right and wrong.” (John A. Russo, author of Night of the Living Dead)

“The classic horror short story not only lives and breathes. In the imaginative brain of Andy Rausch, it’s totally reanimated.” (Herschell Gordon Lewis, director of Blood Feast)

1 review for Songs of the Dead

  1. Laura Rose

    Andy Rausch has written nineteen short stories that involve death in some way. What amazed me the most about this collection is the varied and sometimes unusual way that he approached the subject of death and in one particular instance the story was so outlandish that it was humorous. I enjoyed some of the stories more than others. I do recommend the series of short stories but only to more mature readers as there are instances of graphic violence. Chris Koprowski’s narration is great, adding to the enjoyment of the collection. I was given a free copy of the audiobook and I have voluntarily left this review.

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