Soap Making: How to Make Soap and Create Bath Bombs

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Skin care matters, and the right kinds of soap can make a big difference. Everyone knows the skin is vulnerable and capable of changing someone’s mood, someone’s immune system, and more. Therefore, in this book, we focus on creating both handmade soaps and bath bombs, which equally matter when you are taking a bath or try to be rejuvenated in any other way. 

In this book, you will learn to create soaps for a healing skin, soothing soaps, the main ingredients for bath bombs, instructions to apply those ingredients in comprehensive recipes, and much more. 

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Joseph Tabler has been narrating books since 2014, improving greatly as he’s gone forward. He enjoys reading short works as well as long ones, he composes for the piano, too. His website is at If you like this book , you may wish to try another one of his narrations. Aloha.


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