Snowflake Kisses

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Mack Taylor has led a charmed life since he left home and the scandal he left behind. His past haunts him and leads him down a path of personal chaos. Nightmares plague him until he is forced to face the choices he’s made. In an attempt to right the wrongs of his past and find a way to move forward with his life, he returns home to beg for forgiveness.

Meghy Watkins never left her hometown, and instead abandoned every plan she made. She’s become a borderline recluse and barely leaves her home. Delivery and the internet have become her best friends. She has trouble letting go of her insecurities and can’t forget the one person she’s always loved.

Fate has a plan, and Mack and Meghy won’t be left with much choice in the end. It’ll come down to one decision, and the right one will bring them unimaginable happiness.


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