It was supposed to be a semester getaway at a ski resort. Until my friends bailed on me. Now I’m stuck in our ski chalet with three strangers. But after seeing what these guys look like? 

Suddenly I don’t mind as much.

Jack, the suave French Canadian ski instructor who pronounces my name like it’s a bottle of expensive red wine. Seth, the goofy blond snowboarder with Olympic aspirations – who’s surprisingly chiseled underneath his baggy clothes. Aiden, the deliciously muscular rogue who has a secret reason for coming to the ski resort.

It’s chilly on the ski slopes but hot and heavy in the bedroom. Can I juggle these three men over the holidays?

Or will their love overwhelm me like an avalanche?

Snowbound is a sizzling, sweet holiday reverse harem love story that is sure to fill you with holiday cheer. HEA guaranteed!


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