Smart, Successful and Abused


In 2016, Dr. Angela Mailis, a world-renowned expert on chronic pain management, was brought face-to-face with domestic violence, when an accomplished colleague was murdered by her equally accomplished husband. It was familiar territory for Dr. Mailis, who herself had been involved in an emotionally abusive relationship for 27 years.

She immediately redirected her research toward what is, perhaps, the most puzzling form of domestic violence: the abuse endured by high-achieving women who, to all appearances, have everything required to stand up for themselves. 

These victims spend their days as the powerhouses of boardrooms, clinics, universities, and law courts. They have education, talent, resourcefulness, and financial competence. Yet, they allow themselves to be mentally dominated and emotionally and/or physically beaten by the men in their lives. How does it happen? What can be done about it?

Smart, Successful & Abused is the result of Dr. Mailis’ search for answers to these questions – a search that has taken her to the frontiers of medical research and into the homes and offices of successful career women caught in violent relationships and deep into her own experience as an abused spouse. Her conclusions and advice will help entrapped women recognize and overcome the obstacles that prevent them from acting in their best interests.


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