Louella and Davina Mitchell are identical twins, but that’s where it ends. Where Davina is filled with desire to help and respect others, Louella is filled with hate and debauchery in all aspects of life.  

The only thing they agree on is their hate for each other. When Louella tries to rob Davina of her inheritance, things start to backfire and her world comes tumbling down around her.

Filled with supernatural creatures, magic, and time travel, this steamy, sexy paranormal romance/thriller will capture your attention from start to finish.

What a few listeners are saying:

“This author incorporates time travel, vampires, witches and other supernatural beings perfectly. She explains everything and I almost feel like it could all be real…. This is a really great book to just sit back and relax with….”

“Things truly get interesting from a magical standpoint.”


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