Sins of the Fathers


With the War Between the States raging across the south and the ports along the southern seaboard blockaded by the Union navy, Captain Beauregard Jackson is desperate to save his honor and way of life. But when he turns to piracy, he realizes too late the devastation it will have on his family. After robbing the USS Dragoon of its gold, Captain Jackson and his crew are caught in a violent storm that strands on a desolate island in the Caribbean.

Maurice LeBlanc, the Shamrock’s first mate, loves only one thing more than Veronica Jackson, Captain Jackson’s young, flirtatious wife, and that is gold. Driven to rid himself of the curse of Ramesses, which has plagued his family for decades, Maurice will stop at nothing to find its cure. Little does he know that he and Captain Jackson share the same curse, a curse that taints everything they touch, including Captain Jackson’s children.

Set in the late 1800s, Hilltop Manor, located on the outskirts of Hoschton, Georgia, is the scene of lust, murder, and mayhem. Sins of the Fathers plumbs the depths of mankind’s depravity and demonstrates the lengths God will go to rescue ruined, broken, and damaged lives.


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