Master Vampire Sinjin Sinclair is the bane of my existence….

Abandoned on the battlefield by my own people, I must now face the fact that I’m playing prisoner to the Underworld Queen, who also happens to be my sister.

As the days and months go by with no word from my people, I’m pretty sure life couldn’t get much worse.

But it’s about to get a whole lot worse–and Master Vampire, Sinjin Sinclair, is the reason why.

Once I’m placed in Sinjin’s care, I find myself battling the undeniable magnetism of the vampire, the one creature I despise above all others. Sinjin’s quick wit, his undeniable sex appeal, and the mystery that surrounds him all point to the fact that if I fall for him, I’ll be in over my head. But, as a warrior through and through, I’m not the type to fall for anything, especially a handsome face.

If anyone should be able to withstand the lure of the vampire, I’m the likeliest candidate.

Of course, looks can be deceiving….


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