Silver Quarrel


Book three in the best-selling Alexis Silver, Mermaid Detective series!

Alexis Silver has worked as a PI long enough to have many strange clients try to hire her…but the CIA is a first.

People have secrets, mermaids more than most. When a CIA agent shows up claiming to know her biggest one, Alex finds herself at a disadvantage. However, the government wants her help. Despite being beyond the cares of mortals, she still considers herself an American and feels obligated to do what she can.

Disappearance cases are fairly routine, but a desperate thrall hiring her to find a missing vampire is a bizarre twist that piques her curiosity. Tracking down an off-the-grid undead is like being right back to the 1940s. All she’s missing is the fedora.

An inexplicable change has happened to the fabric of the universe, evidently driving some dark masters insane. An Ohio-class nuclear missile sub is about the worst place imaginable for a werewolf to have an existential crisis. Though mermaids aren’t well equipped to fight other supernaturals, Alex isn’t about to let nukes hit the US.

Even if it kills her.


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