Silver Crucible


America’s favorite mermaid detective is back! Alexis Silver returns in her biggest adventure yet! 

Even immortal beings need to get away from it all.

Mermaid Alexis Silver can tolerate only so many years living primarily on dry land before it’s time for a nice long swim. While she loves her work as a private investigator, a few nail-biter jobs in a row calls for some time off. She leaves everything behind – literally – and dives into the ocean, planning to take a month off cruising around Central America. 

What’s the point of vacationing without seeing new things? Soon after arriving in Panama, curiosity pulls her to shore. A not-so-chance meeting with a vampire thrusts her straight into the middle of otherworldly chaos. It’s a challenge working a case when all her possessions are thousands of miles away, but not having a phone, money, or a comfortable outfit is the least of her problems.

She can’t stop the dark masters’ plans entirely, but she might be able to save one guy – if he doesn’t kill her first. 

Either way, Alex Silver is going to need a vacation from her vacation.

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