Siege of the Heart

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Knox Township, 1863

Siege of the Heart, is book two in the Southern Romance series, by best-selling author Lexy Timms. 

Jasper Perry has a home, a family – everything he thought was lost to him forever after war broke out. With Clara’s love, Jasper believes he has everything he has ever wanted. As he awaits marriage to Clara, he finds himself overcome with homesickness. When a Confederate militia kidnaps him, determined to punish him for his defection, Jasper has a choice: to give up the loyalty he once held to the Confederacy and fight to get back to Clara; or leave his new home behind, and return to all that is familiar. To make things more complicated, the militia has mistaken Cecelia for Jasper’s wife and kidnapped her as well. Reunited with his family, Solomon Dalton attempts to return to his old life as if nothing had ever happened. But when Jasper and Cecelia are kidnapped, Solomon must return to Confederate territory to save those whom he loves. However, he is not alone; a strange man is following him, and Solomon has heard in quiet whispers that Union spies are looking for those who have betrayed the cause….

1 review for Siege of the Heart

  1. Benita Dilley

    Read book 1 in series first. This is book 2 OF 4.
    Jasper and Clara, betrothed in book 1, have their love tested, when Jasper is apprehended as a Confederate deserter and Solomon (Clara’s brother) and Cecilia (Clara’s sister) attempt to rescue Jasper.

    At times, in the audiobook, I found the action confusing. This could have been resolved with more differentiation between in the sound of characters, for me at least.

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