Many years ago a young boy prophesized that one day a great power would emerge from the mysterious woods known as Soul Wind Forest. It would descend upon the neighboring city of Eden in an event called The Falling of the Tides, and on that day few would survive. Now that prophecy is on the verge of coming true, as two children bred from science become engulfed in a psychopath’s game, a game which holds the very fate of Eden as its stakes. But will these children, who have been isolated from the outside world for so much of their lives, come to understand the value of that which might be lost? Or will their newly found self-awareness lay the groundwork for Eden’s doom? Destruction is looming in this modern day thriller of love and loss, of acceptance and understanding, and of the ultimate battle between what’s right and wrong… as well as the evolution of the intelligent mind which often straddles the fine line between them.


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