Shifted Existence


One moment in time was all it took….

You have two options. You surrender or you run.


The world as we knew it unraveled three years ago. Our government enjoyed the perks that came to them when they agreed to opening the portals to the multiverse. Unfortunately, it was a trojan horse and the females on earth became the spoils of war. The shifters that came through the portals need mates. They have given us two options…. You surrender or you run. Those that run are declared feral. I chose to run.


I am alpha to the Storm Rift Pack. When our universe realized we were sowing the seeds of our own destruction, we united with another realm and invaded Earth. They had the one thing we wanted: female breeding stock. I had never thought to return to Earth, but the mirror has shown me my fated mate. She is one of the ferals.

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