Sherlock Holmes’ Final Chapter

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An unprecedented crime wave is remorselessly sweeping across the city of London….

How have the criminals achieved so much recent remarkable success?

Inspector Lestrade does not know which way to turn. Holmes and Watson follow a series of tantalizing clues leading them closer to the darkness….

Holmes begins to sense a creeping pattern behind their investigation….

Could this really be the great detective’s final chapter..?

Audiobook is further enhanced with atmospheric music and sound effects.

2 reviews for Sherlock Holmes’ Final Chapter

  1. Janalyn Prude

    I have read books and listened to a lot of OTR shows based on the books and it is easy to tell The The difference between an imitator and a talented: O’Doyle author. I would say this comes from the latter. A good Sherlock Holmes book is one where you can’t guess the ending and that was this book. So I highly recommend this book to those who love Sherlock Holmes and mysteries where the endings are not predictable. I thought the narrator did a great job. Sherlock Holmes has the best OMG endings and I won’t say this one was one of the greatest, but it is worth a listen that is why I gave it four stars.

  2. Christopher Connell

    I felt like this play was sponsored by the Handsome Cab Co.

    Besides the constant mention of the Handsome Cab Company throughout the first part of the production, I enjoyed this Script. It was my favorite of the Script series by Ian Shimwell. It wraps up the whole Script storyline. Throughout the entire series, and in particular this last one the author alludes to various Sherlock adventures, and at the end of this Script Watson and Holmes recount how this adventure was similar to all their other adventures (Rathbone & Bruce).

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