Sherlock Holmes and the Spring-Heeled Tiger

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Can a deadly and ferocious tiger really be stalking the fog-enshrouded streets of Edwardian London? Holmes and Watson decide to visit the local travelling Circus and are especially interested when a performing and very agile tiger bursts into the ring….

Audiobook enhanced with atmospheric music and sound effects.

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1 review for Sherlock Holmes and the Spring-Heeled Tiger

  1. Stacy Bender

    First off, this book is only an hour long. Not the almost 10 of the description.

    Second, the performance was good. We like the dramatization style. – only wished the narrator remembered they were Not on stage. We felt we where getting yelled at.

    Third, the author watched too many black & while Sherlock Holmes movies and never bothered to read the books. The movies turned Watson into a buffoon, but Ian Shimwell raised the bar and made Watson an a**h*l*.
    The short story itself is rather unimaginative and childish. The author couldn’t even be bothered to name the tigress the old standby of Jasmine. He called her Tigress. That’s like calling a woman, Woman.
    I’m not even going to list the historical inaccuracies.

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