Sherlock Holmes and the Society Spiritualist

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The society spiritualist, Mrs. Hayden is seemingly able to converse freely with the recently departed at her popular gatherings. Holmes and Watson remain skeptical, until they attend one of her remarkable seances….

2 reviews for Sherlock Holmes and the Society Spiritualist

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    This particular “mystery ” left me still up in the air, about the spiritualist and her involvement in the “Dolly” apparition.

    Perhaps the next episode should shed more light and answer my questions.

  2. Christopher Connell

    This is a review for the Audible version.

    Book 3 of the Corvus Conspiracy is a delightful listen, as always Kevin Theis is a remarkable voice actor. He plays all the parts, and they are amazing. I recommend you start from the beginning with Holmes & Watson Book 1. Or buy both full sets. This adventure builds on their past ones (in Ian Shimwell’s books).

    It would also be helpful to know all Sherlock canon. I recommend the reader pick up Fry’s version.

    This story follows the adventure of Sherlock trying to uncover the secrets behind the Corvus Brotherhood and also a spiritualist who may or may not be a con artist.

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