Sherlock Holmes and the Montague Murders

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Requested by a frightened Lady Elisabeth Montague, Holmes and Watson travel all the way to the Montague home, situated on a remote desolate island, to investigate her somewhat fanciful fears.

Are the family in mortal danger? And why have the Montagues, once the darlings of London society, now shut themselves away from civilization in this bleak, god-forsaken retreat?

As the Montague murders begin, Holmes finds himself drawn, ever closer, to the dreaded Montague madness….

2 reviews for Sherlock Holmes and the Montague Murders

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    This story is set out as acts in a play, but it is a murder mystery, using the methods of Mr Conan-Doyle and his characters of Mesrs Holmes and Watson, and their art of deduction.
    As usual, it’s a convoluted plot, that keeps the viewer guessing until the last.

  2. Christopher Connell

    The second story in the Sherlock and Watson Scripts. This is a bit fantastical, but would make for a great short play to actually be performed.

    This script is well written, but is a bit campy in it’s language.

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