Sherlock Holmes and the Legend of Loch Logarth

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With Holmes incapacitated, Watson reluctantly agrees to let the argumentative Inspector Lestrade accompany him on a Scottish fishing holiday.

But soon after arriving at Ye Clootie’s Claw Inn, Watson and Lestrade discover the fearsome Legend of Loch Logarth seems to be very much on the prowl.

Is the Clootie creature terrorizing the village of Logarth? And will Watson and Lestrade ever agree on anything?

As the creature claims its first victim, Watson realizes he may have seen terrible wounds like this before….

Audiobook is enhanced with atmospheric music and sound effects.

1 review for Sherlock Holmes and the Legend of Loch Logarth

  1. Christopher Connell

    Though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the other Watson & Holmes Scripts to this point. This one was my least favorite. It was fairly predictable, and the bumbling Watson character was to overdone it was almost unlikable in this rendition. It is still worth a listen, especially if your prefer the Nigel Bruce rendition of Watson.

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