Sherlock Holmes and the Egyptian Equation

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In fog-enshrouded Victorian London, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson soon become entangled in a deadly web of intrigue and cryptic clues.

Who is the silver-caned shadowy stranger? Is Euclid’s College lecturer John Kindred really in danger? And what is the connection to the fabled and priceless emerald, the Egyptian Sepulchre?

Holmes slowly suspects that the answers may lie behind a quite extraordinary equation.

1 review for Sherlock Holmes and the Egyptian Equation

  1. Christopher Connell

    Written in the style of the Basil Rathbone’s “Sherlock” & Nigel Bruce “Watson.” This was a unique take on the Sherlock theme. However, I’m less a fan of the bumbling Watson this play and Nigel portrays and much prefer the highly intelligent, and best friend of Sherlock that the Conan novels show us.

    This play is a very quick listen on Audible. And was fantastically narrated.

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