Sherlock Holmes and Lestrade’s Irregular Investigation

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Surely, Charles Clemency must be the murderer? After all, he is the only actual suspect found in the locked bedchamber next to the still, graceful body of his lady wife. Inspector Lestrade is justifiably proud of himself for solving a case without the assistance from you-know-who. The compelling evidence confirms that there is nothing irregular about this investigation, and that Charles is clearly as guilty as sin. So, why is Holmes suddenly taking a keen interest in the case?

1 review for Sherlock Holmes and Lestrade’s Irregular Investigation

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Please be aware that this is only a very short audiobook, of less than hour.
    Detective Inspector Lastrade had already solved a murder investigation, when Holmes, at a loose end, butted in.
    He found some oddities but.. well you need to read or listen to the entertaining rendition of this story.
    I believe you will find it a short, but engaging tale.

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