Sherlock and Me: The Case of the Feathered Snitch


Amateur sleuth Lucy James is drawn into the intrigue of a bygone war when she volunteers to help her landlord. The French-speaking parrot she is babysitting for him shrieks out clues that lead Lucy to a mysterious diary and an elderly man with a secret. 

Her work is compromised when a friend’s dog disappears, and then, her own beloved dog, Baskerville, goes missing. Fearing the worst, Lucy despairs that they’re gone forever. As her internship at the detective agency sours, Lucy must dig in deep to find the resources needed to confront these latest agonizing challenges. 

With help from best friend Cindy and mentor Sherlock, she follows a series of cryptic clues that lead her to a surprising resolution, but will she find Baskerville at the end of it all?


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