Sherlock and Me: The Case of the Feathered Snitch

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Amateur sleuth Lucy James is drawn into the intrigue of a bygone war when she volunteers to help her landlord. The French-speaking parrot she is babysitting for him shrieks out clues that lead Lucy to a mysterious diary and an elderly man with a secret. 

Her work is compromised when a friend’s dog disappears, and then, her own beloved dog, Baskerville, goes missing. Fearing the worst, Lucy despairs that they’re gone forever. As her internship at the detective agency sours, Lucy must dig in deep to find the resources needed to confront these latest agonizing challenges. 

With help from best friend Cindy and mentor Sherlock, she follows a series of cryptic clues that lead her to a surprising resolution, but will she find Baskerville at the end of it all?

2 reviews for Sherlock and Me: The Case of the Feathered Snitch

  1. Laura Rose

    So Lucy gets her dream job by becoming an intern at an actual detective agency, but everything is not as dreamy as she had imagined. I enjoy this series and appreciate the intertwined references throughout the story by which the author uses the character of Sherlock Holmes to mentor the protagonist Lucy James. Kathryn Michaels’ narration was fine as her voice is pleasant. I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and I have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Julie Howard

    I am really enjoying this series and hope there is a lot more adventures to come. This is the second book in the series and although it does continue on from the last book, with Lucy starting work at the detective agency you don’t need to have read or listened to the first book to enjoy this book. Having said that it you like a good mystery with quirky and characters, then you might as well because both books were a lot of fun. There is a lot going in this book with a number of cases that needed investigating, which kept it entertaining. But the reason I like the series and I am off to start he next book after writing this review is because of the characters, they have just caught my imagination and I love listening about them. Not being a Sherlock Holmes fan I did worry that if there was to many quotes I would lose interest but that is not the case and in fact the Sherlock theme helps enhances the story. I also really liked the fact that Lucy still works at he cinema, giving the author chance for more fun and games at work. Just a fun, nice easy series that I might just have to get my mum hooked on.
    Things aren’t going well for Lucy as a trainee private investigator and she needs to work a second job as a assistant cinema manager. Her pi trainer would rather make notes about she is doing wrong than train her and stake outs are the worst. Then her collage adviser asks for her help, his dog has gone missing and his is not the first dog in the neighbourhood to have disapeared from fenced in gardens. Lucy, her best friend Cindy and dog Baskerville are soon setting up there own stake outs to find out what is happening. At the same time there landlord begs for help, his mother has just died and left him her loud French speaking parrot and he needs them to look after the bird while he finds him a new home. But the bird comes with his own mystery when her starts screeching about Nazis plunder. After a visit to her landlord mother’s house she finds a diary that seem to hold the key to the answers. Can Lucy crack the code? find the time to learn more about the birds previous owners? Track down the lost dogs? Keep the cinema and employees running smoothly? As well as keep her job as a P.I in training?
    I liked the narrator. She does a good job with all the different voices needed in this story, except the parrot kept making me jump.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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