Shadows & Reflections


Within Grand Central Station are many worlds…secrets and mysteries…lights and shadows…. 

I am a shadow. I live in the dark recesses of the darkest places in the tunnels of Grand Central Station, but I do not stay put there; I am free to pass into the light. When you feel me pass by you, you may shiver and you don’t know why; perhaps you sneeze reflexively to make yourself feel better; you tell yourself you may be getting a summer cold….

I wander among the vast marble passages. I sit in the waiting room beneath the immense bright globes that are the glistening golden chandeliers…and I am not the only shadow…and shadows are not the only unnoticed spirits that dwell in this stately marble palace.        

Sometimes, I make myself as noticeable as possible. I have prevented muggings by casting an ominous shadow in front of the intended victims to warn them. I like to think of myself as an angel; a shadow angel.


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