Shadowfae Aetheaon Chronicles, Book 4


Allegiance comes with a price.

The darker unmapped regions of Woodnog Swamps are shrouded by the dangerous and often magical mysteries of the Shadowfae. These swamps are where foolish travelers venture, never to be seen again. 

Roble’s quest requires that he journey deep into the Woodnog Swamps to confront the god Lez’minx. Through trickery and temptation, Roble accepted Lez’minx’s gift of two magical rings, and soon learns of the deceitful enchantment, but not until after he finds the rings permanently attached to his fingers. Roble plans to meet the god and demand the spell binding him to Lez’minx be broken forever. But no one should ever order a god to do anything. Since such a confrontation would put Roble’s life at risk, Shawndirea and Lehrling insist on traveling with him. The dangers are too great for a human from the Overlands to undertake alone. 

But the faery Shawndirea has secrets she’s not yet revealed to her human husband, Roble. Her secrets might cost her own life. After renouncing her right to the throne of Elvendale in the Seelie Court, the Unseelie Court has not extended a welcome to her into the Courts of Chaos. Shawndirea finds herself an outcast and possibly viewed as a potential enemy to both courts. Traveling deeper into the swamps means she’ll cross into Unseelie territory, and without a proper invite, she risks everything to help protect the man she loves. 


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