Shadow of Second Chances

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Peggy Iverson fears working at the camp with Gavin McKenzie, but she agrees to it since he convinces her he is a new man. Gavin is counseled by Reverend Billy Croft, and learns some truths that change his life. He hates that Peggy fears him, and he sets out to show her he is reborn in Christ. One thing leads to another at camp, and he ends up asking Peggy if he can court her in order to convince Violet to forgive and forget, but he falls in love with Peggy in the process. Violet gives him an impossible ultimatum, instead. Which offer will he chose?

1 review for Shadow of Second Chances

  1. Catrina P

    Another fantastic historical romance by Barbara Goss!

    With this being book 6 in The Shadow Series, we get to revisit many of the characters from the prior books. Don’t let that scare you off though… Shadow of Second Chances certainly stands on its own.

    I experienced a few minor hiccups in the audio, but other than that the narration was really good.

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