Shadow of Deceit – Shadow Series, Book 2

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Love! Julia Croft never thought she would actually fall in love with the man she set out to mislead. Surely he would forgive her if he knew the truth. Could he be so cold-hearted as to not see what her brother meant to her? Would he see that it was a matter of life and death that brought her to this deceitfulness?

Deceived! How could Caleb Armstrong, have allowed himself to be drawn into being enticed by a woman who merely used him? Now that he knew her ruse, he could easily rid himself of Julia Croft and her brother Miles. Surely there was a woman somewhere who could overlook his gimp leg. The most plaguing problem would be – could his heart ever forget her?

1 review for Shadow of Deceit – Shadow Series, Book 2

  1. Misty

    Love this series. Barabara Goss does not disappoint. Her writing with sense of adventure and mystery is fantastic.

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