Shadow Council Book 3: Christmas Makes it Chaos


Christmas is a time for peace, love, and family. Right?

Wrong. Some people prefer chaos.

FBI Special Agent Megan Luchek travels to Philadelphia with her partner, Daniel Cooper, for a law enforcement conference on battling terrorism. She never makes it. Instead, she ends up investigating an actual threat with an unlikely ally.

Cassandra Mirren prefers working alone, but she’s been ordered to bring Agent Luchek along for the ride. Their last encounter was adversarial, but this time they have a common foe. 

Can the agent and the assassin save countless lives this Christmas?


US codes running out fast. Lots of UK left. This is book 3 in the Shadow Council series. It can stand alone, but it is highly recommended you hear Money Makes it Deadlier and Revenge Makes it Sweeter first so you get to know the characters.


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