Shadow Council Book 2: Revenge Makes it Sweeter

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Revenge is a lot of work. 

When the original plan for his ex-wife goes awry, Martin Cantrell turns his mind toward a sweeter revenge: stealing their daughter’s affections. But he’s not the only one plotting, and his enemies are better at keeping to the shadows. 

Meanwhile, Special Agent Megan Luchek gets a late night summons to the hospital to speak with a gunshot victim. She knows to expect almost anything, yet he still surprises her. 

“Agent, if I die, save the girl”. 

The girl turns out to be Katelyn Cantrell. Megan’s not the only one protecting her, and the other person has no problem killing to obtain their goals. 

Can Megan prevent an assassination and catch a killer?


This is book 2 in the Shadow Council series. Although they can be experienced alone, it’s recommended that you experience them in order. US codes are kind of a rarity these days. If you’re looking for a heavier mystery, try Scratched Off.



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