Serial Asylum

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Alec: I’ve been waiting a decade to meet him, and I finally found him.

Hidden away in the town’s abandoned asylum, he thinks no one will ever find him.

I need him more than he will ever know.

He’s the only person that will ever understand my twisted mind, I just know it.

I’ll gain his trust slowly but surely from afar, hoping one day he will let me in. I need him to teach me how to be just like him.

I want to understand his darkness, and see if it’s just like mine.

Warren: I’ve been alone out here since I was released from jail.

No one bothers me way out here.

I can kill anyone I want, undetected, because no one in this town gives a shit.

But there’s this guy who keeps bringing me unconscious bodies and leaving them at the backdoor for me to have.

He stalks me from out in the woods.

He looks just as damaged as me.

I thought I had my walls built too high to let anyone in, but this man will become my new obsession.

Serial Asylum is a 31,000 word dark romance novella that is only suitable for listeners 18 and over.

This audiobook contains MMF scenes. MMF implies on its own that the relationship is not monogamous within this story.

This is a work of fiction: any elements or situations in this audiobook are fictional and not based off of any true events.

Content WARNING: Serial Asylum is a MM dark romance including MMF, and MM scenes. Listener’s discretion is strongly advised, as this is a dark romance story. This audiobook contains graphic sexual scenes, intense scenes of descriptive unaliving, graphic violence, and strong language and situations that some listeners may be particularly sensitive to. If you have triggers or are even remotely unsure, please look at the trigger warnings.


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