Secretive Mail-Order Bride and the Horse Breeder (Daisy Creek Brides, Book 5)


How could she ever marry if it wasn’t for true love?

Although the belle of the season with several suitors all vying for her hand in marriage, Samantha is restless. Caught between her parents’ expectations and her own desire to marry for love, Samantha finds solace caring for her family’s horses, her one true passion.

That is, until she finds an advertisement in the newspaper for a mail-order bride from a horse breeder out west. All her stars seem to align, and Samantha replies to the advert with a hopeful heart, neglecting to mention her status as the daughter from a wealthy family and writing instead as a farmer’s daughter.

Roy is a country man, born and raised on a ranch like his father. Horse breeding is in his blood, and Roy knows that he needs to find a wife who suits his lifestyle. The many replies to his advertisement for a mail-order bride fail to turn up any suitable candidates, and it isn’t until Roy receives Samantha’s letters that he begins to think he may have found his perfect match. But when his future bride finally arrives, Roy quickly realizes that although she is breathtakingly beautiful, Samantha clearly isn’t the country-born lass she painted herself as in her letters.

It is only when he sees her connection to his horses that Roy considers there may be more to this beauty than he originally assumed. Whilst for Samantha, there is nowhere else she would rather be than with Roy on his ranch. But will she be able to convince him to let her stay?

Secretive Mail-Order Bride and the Horse Breeder is a passionate story about love and following one’s heart. Will Samantha find the sort of love she has always longed for? Or will she miss her chance before it has even begun? 


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