Secret Wife to the Special Forces: A Military Reverse Harem Romance

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When my brother’s hottest childhood friend calls to invite me out to Hawaii, I’m intrigued. But when I learn he and his two special forces roommates need me to act as a “wife” as well, what’s a cold Minnesota girl to do?

Jace is everything every girl dreams about: six and a quarter feet of pure muscle wrapped in Green Beret camo and army tactical gear. It doesn’t hurt that his broad chest is decorated with a whole rainbow of ribbons and medals. Or that his two closest friends–Merrick and Aurelius–are also his brothers-in-arms, their inseparable bonds forged in the white-hot fires of combat.

But Jace needs a favor…and that favor requires me. His very freedom relies on a little white lie, and with the help of his roommates, we need to pull off the illusion of being a happily married couple.

Yet living with three ripped, gorgeous soldiers is fraught with its own set of perils. Merrick’s a hotshot chopper pilot with shoulders for days, smoldering blue eyes, and a lady-killer smile. And Aurelius is a Navy SEAL with the chiseled build of a Greek god, as well as an accent so exotic it melts me into a puddle whenever I’m around him.

It turns out these boys need favors of their own, and I’m only happy to oblige. But they also harbor a butterfly-inducing secret: as with everything else in their closed little universe, this trio of soldiers likes to share.

Can a lonely Minnesota girl actually fall for her brother’s best friend and his two incredible house-mates? Or is my secret “marriage” doomed to failure before the honeymoon even starts?

Secret Wife to the Special Forces is a military reverse harem love story filled with suspense, humor, and love three times hot enough to melt your listening device into a bubbling pile (author not responsible). HEA guaranteed!


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