Secret of the 7th Scarab


Ancient Egypt, 1231 BC

While the pharaoh tries to conceal the disappearance of Queen Nefertari’s sacred heart scarab, along with Shabaka’s abduction, fears of a curse befall those travelling eastwards through the desert.

Neti and Moses, during their investigation and search for Shabaka, uncover a sinister underground network in Thebes that have since the pharaoh’s move to Pi-Ramesses resulted in numerous underhanded dealings. Here Neti has to come to terms with the life she, by chance, managed to escape.

Will they find Shabaka before he disappears in the underground network? Or will Ma-Nefer finally have his revenge against the Nubian prefect and the Mummifier’s daughter?

The Secret of the Seventh Scarab returns us to a land steeped in mystery and magic. It paints a detailed picture of Ancient Egypt in all its glory. Faithfully recreating one of the most remarkable eras in Egypt’s history, author Nathaniel Burns weaves a shudderingly ominous tale of ancient Egypt’s mysteries revealed through a cast of characters the modern reader will recognize even though millennia have passed.

So light up the incense, sit close to the light and draw back the curtains on the shadowed past with this gripping tale of love and intrigue among the living and the dead in one of history’s most intriguing civilizations.


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