Secret Baby for the Navy SEALs: A Military Reverse Harem Romance


Conceiving a child with a Navy SEAL is complicated. By having a baby with three of them…all hellbent on being the father? Turns out love is the most complicated mission of all.

NY-tough agency owner Juliana Emerson has never taken no for an answer. So after choosing the ultimate donor to father her child, and then learning his sample was lost? She takes matters into her own hands, as usual.

Her journey takes her to a strange house in the middle of the Arizona desert, where the perfect man is flanked by two equally-perfect specimens: all active Navy SEALs. Falling for any one of them is out of the question, of course. That is, until a rogue sandstorm strands her in the wrong place at the right time…with all three deliciously hot men.

But these aren’t just any soldiers, they’re the elite of the elite. A special-ops team with a strict military contract that has one steadfast rule: no wives, no children, no family.

Devyn is the fierce blue-eyed warrior: hard-bodied and deadly, but with an inner heart of gold. Maverick is the renegade chopper pilot, dark-haired and beautiful, while Gage is the tall blond mercenary with gigantic mirth and a naïve innocence that belies his deadly set of skills.

Any one of them would make an incredible father for her child, should she want one. But Juliana’s not used to giving up control, and an outside rival is threatening everything she’s built as the tough-as-nails CEO of her own company.

Can three brothers-in-arms all love the same woman, sharing her in mind, body, and soul? Or will their secret in the desert eventually threaten to dismantle everything they’ve built as well?

Secret Baby to the Navy Seals is a military reverse harem love story filled with suspense, action, and three times the normal amount of love, heat, and satisfaction. HEA guaranteed!


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